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S&S Polished Concrete and Epoxy Solutions

Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our customers through clear and concise communication, proper scheduling management, a transparent bidding process and only the most experienced crews. Integrity is not only a value in our company, but an essential part of each of our employees make up.

Every member of our management team personally cares about your project and business. Our team is like a family working closely together to solve problems and manage projects in order to provide our customers with the best construction experience.
Is the most innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly flooring solution used today. It is a mechanical process of grinding, honing and polishing concrete using specialized equipment with industrial diamonds and impregnated with hardeners/densifiers.

It is the perfect solution for Industrial, commercial and residential properties including, warehouses, showrooms, schools, museums, retail spaces, restaurants, breweries and government buildings.
The trend of enhancing the overall performance and look of concrete flooring has never been as great as it is today. For industrial, commercial and residential applications nothing is as durable, practical or as long-term cost effective as an epoxy floor.

Epoxy flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and colours with several different qualities and properties.

Correctly installing your epoxy flooring using the proper techniques and equipment is essential to its long-term viability in demanding environments.
We work hard to keep you informed on how you can enhance the look and durability of your epoxy floor.

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Woolworths Sunbury polished concrete
Woolworths Sunbury, 2400 square meters Polished Concrete Floor.
Last "forever"
Budget - friendly
Eco - friendly
Extremely unique and beautiful
Promotes cleaner air by reducing dust
Resistant against toxic mold growth
Easy to clean and maintain
Grind and Seal - Supermarket
Grind and Seal at a supermarket. Aggregate fully exposure grinded and sealed with clear Liquathane. To make the sheen level up to gloss level finish.
Epoxy Rensin with Polyurethane top
A very clean and tidy automotive tyre shop which got Epoxy Resin floor with Polyurethane on the top. Tinted epoxy light gray plus polyurethane creates a beautiful floor surface with the benefits of long-term cost savings, chemical resistant, easy to clean,also helps to improve safety level of anti-slip.
Food and beverage industry epoxy
Epoxy floor coatings is the ideal solution for producing a spotless and sanitary environment that's easy to clean and maintain. An epoxy floor for a food and beverage industry is completely seamless so it won't harbor bacteria and mold. It provide safe flooring, constant wet conditions, temperature extremes or acid. it can withstand even the harshest cleaning procedures without damage. With the addition of an anti-slip, an epoxy floor also creates a safe working environment free of safety hazard. Fast moving employees are less likely to slip and get hurt to promote production and reduce liability at your facility.
Polished Concrete Warehouses
Warehouse Polished Concrete is an excellent way to restore concrete floors. It is ideal for large spaces, such as manufacturing environments, distribution centers, and large warehouses because it can last a lifetime , cost effectiveness, invulnerable, easy to maintenance, environmental friendly and aesthetic.
Medical clinic polished concrete
The healthcare industry requires mission critical performance from a commercial floor system. The versatility of polished concrete offers a array of benefits that facilities should recognize. Polished concrete can be the best source solution for the nursing homes, healthcare center and hospitals. The benefit of polished concrete is that it increases ambient light in a space, retain heat in the winter and keeps floors cooler in the warmer weather. This industry, in particular, requires a healthcare flooring system to have adequate chemical and biological resistance that protects against environmental contamination. A moisture resistant, seamless surface is also necessary to prevent bacterial growth. Moreover, polished concrete requires little in the way of daily maintenance .
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